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5 Ways To Prepare For Surgery
By new login On April 13, 2016 | No Comments


We all worry about upcoming surgery, as most of the time it is a very scary concept. Someone is going to go inside our body and do, well, whatever it is that surgeons do. It is usually best practice to make sure we are as healthy as possible before the surgery so that we can heal all that much quicker afterward. Here are 5 tips for preparing for surgery that may help.

Tip 1 – Look at Your Options

Look at all the options in regard to your particular health problem. Is surgery really necessary, or is it just being pushed by doctors and donors who can stand to benefit from a surgical procedure performed on you? Yes, this does happen, unfortunately, which makes it all that more important to weigh out all your options before giving the go-ahead.

Tip 2 – Find a Great Surgical Team

If you do decide to go with a surgical procedure, be sure to do a lot of research and choose the best surgery team possible. Yes, this may cost more money, but when it comes to going inside your body we should never take second best. Surgery can affect the rest of your life, so finding those who are the best at what they specialize in is of paramount importance for your lifelong health.

Tip 3 – Follow All Pre-Surgery Advice

Once you have found the best surgical team for you, follow all the advice they give you. They want you to be in good health for the procedure themselves, as it makes the task much easier for them. Whatever nutritional and lifestyle advice the pass on to you, listen to it and follow it. It is for your own good.

Tip 4 – Keep an Eye On Hygiene

Your own hygiene is of course very important and will assist in you experiencing a much less uncomfortable surgery in the long run. However, we suggest you also pay attention to the personal hygiene of your surgeons as well. Infections are caused from several different things during surgical procedures, but the most common is poor personal hygiene on the part of those doing the operating. Make sure your surgeons are clean, healthy people before allowing them to carry out the task.

Tip 5 – Research Your Supplement Intake

Believe it or not, what you ingest for health supplements can have an affect on your surgery. It sounds strange, but there have been incidents where those taking particular supplement have suffered dangerous side effects while mixing them with pre and post-surgery medications. We never know what we are putting into our bodies sometimes and what may seem quite healthy could turn out to be the complete opposite.

There are many things to consider and do before embarking on a surgical procedure. Do your research, stay as healthy as possible and the healing process will go all that much easier for you.


Health Services
By aicise On April 8, 2016 | No Comments

See a quick health service video.

We will have plenty of information for therapy, or health service info and other senior care products.

Also go to Alberta and health Canada for ore info.

Alberta Health Sciences
By new login On April 5, 2016 | No Comments


Albertan university studentship registrations in the health sciences¬†has grown significantly over the past decade and there are several reasons for that. Some of the finest facilities and faculties are now within close reach in every large and major city in the province, for one, not to mention the large amount of health issues and injuries stemming from a massive amount of blue collar labor within the oil industry. Alberta isn’t he kind of province that sits on it’s laurels when it starts to see an increase in physical injuries and potentially life-threatening ailments. They highly encourage young people to get into the business of caring for those suffering from said misfortunes.

Isn’t this what any health society does? Indeed, the government of Alberta certainly thinks so. Here is a small list of some of the growing health sciences within the Alberta region.

Applied Mathematics

Mathematical Biology has taken on a large amount of popularity in recent years, paving the way toward blossoming careers within the life sciences sector.¬†Mathematical Biology applies principles with can help prevent the spread of diseases, invent cures for cancers and helps fight HIV and it’s fatal effects.

Cell Biology

The study of cells is a science that has grown massively over the past few decades and with that growth has come a lot of interest from both students and already seasoned scientists. This study includes integrating all other life sciences, as well as the research on the functions of proteins, gene expressions biological development.


Neuroscience is one of the most important life sciences any society should be researching. From the study of brain function to nerve cells to synaptic activity and the senses, a growing interest in this science has taken hold within Alberta over the past 5 years. Learning how to care for those who suffer from the horrific results of brain and nerve conditions is paramount to the success to a healthy society.

Health science is big business in Alberta, whether it’s for the growth of large companies or offering reward careers to those who chose these highly beneficial fields of expertise. Thinking of getting into the health sciences while residing in Alberta? You chose the right place.